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Tuesday assorted links

1. Facts about research registries. 2. “It is this conjunction of visibility and invisibility that drives the Indian response. The lockdown meets all international standards so far; the relief package none.” 3. Bryan is right about many but not all of these claims.  And here is more from Bryan.  I would note that the five percent or so of (non-fatal) cases who react very badly to Covid-19 do not seem to be obviously correlated with the comorbidities that drive mortality risk so strongly.  Bryan should take this piece and related results more seriously. 4. Scott Galloway on the future of college.  Good and vivid piece, except for the end. 5. Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog comes to an end. 6. Grindr will remove ethnicity filters in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. 7. “Counterfactual

Tyler Cowen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

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