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Friday assorted links

1. “The first rule of promoting cohesion is: Don’t talk about cohesion.” 2. Consumer protection law vs. antitrust for tech companies. 3. The English word that hasn’t changed in sound or meaning in 8000 years. 4. Glen Weyl, Lucas Geiger, & Kaliya Young on identity verification. 5. The Poet says professional athletes should have their own doctors. 6. Paul Krugman on rent control (NYT, 2000). The post Friday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tyler Cowen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Scott Sumner writes So what’s the forecast NOW?

Tyler Cowen writes Thursday assorted links

Alex Tabarrok writes The Supply and Demand Model Predicts Behavior in Thousands of Experiments

Tyler Cowen writes What is good news and bad news on the Covid-19 front

The post Friday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tyler Cowen
Tyler Cowen is an American economist, academic, and writer. He occupies the Holbert C. Harris Chair of economics as a professor at George Mason University and is co-author, with Alex Tabarrok, of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution. Cowen and Tabarrok have also ventured into online education by starting Marginal Revolution University. He currently writes the "Economic Scene" column for the New York Times, and he also writes for such publications as The New Republic, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, and the Wilson Quarterly.

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