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Thursday assorted links

1. East Germans cheat more. 2. The most influential academic books of the last twenty years?  Source here. 3. Claims about religion and liberalism in India. 4. How to infer when an intervention mattered, or not. 5. “The episode rattled New Zealand, which Mr. Huggins described as “a very close-knit community and a very open society.”” (NYT) 6. Did many more people die from Chernobyl than we had thought? The post Thursday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tyler Cowen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Menzie Chinn writes Stop Stephen Moore

Menzie Chinn writes Glenn Rudebusch on “Climate Change and the Federal Reserve”

Tyler Cowen writes The best sentence I read today

Tyler Cowen writes Monday assorted links

The post Thursday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tyler Cowen
Tyler Cowen is an American economist, academic, and writer. He occupies the Holbert C. Harris Chair of economics as a professor at George Mason University and is co-author, with Alex Tabarrok, of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution. Cowen and Tabarrok have also ventured into online education by starting Marginal Revolution University. He currently writes the "Economic Scene" column for the New York Times, and he also writes for such publications as The New Republic, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, and the Wilson Quarterly.

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