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Tuesday assorted links

1. Learning to love Lagos.  And new copies of the Gospels from the Ethiopian desert. 2. I am pleased to have recently met Melissa Kearney.  And an intervention to increase the number of women in economics.  AEA acts on transparency and gender issues. 3. “…changes in economic conditions account for less than one-tenth of the rise in drug and opioid-involved mortality rates.” 4. Do black politicians matter? 5. Jason Furman on tax reform.  And: “The question I first posed was what to make of a president who is rhetorically unfit yet mainstream in policy.” — from Martin Gurri.  And a superb David Brooks column. 6. Review of Tesla Model 3.  And Christina Cacioppo reviews various books. The post Tuesday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tyler Cowen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

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The post Tuesday assorted links appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

Tyler Cowen
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