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Can the Rich Pay for a Better America?

The budget proposal released by the Biden administration last week calls for almost $5 trillion in new spending over the next decade — that is, outlays in excess of its “baseline” estimate of the spending that would take place without new policies. Some of the extra money would be borrowed, but most of it — $3.6 trillion — is supposed to come from new revenues. President Biden has, however, repeatedly promised not to increase taxes on households making less than $400,000 a year. And his...

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Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut Was a Flop

This article is a wonky edition of Paul Krugman’s free newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it.Hello readers! Until 2017 I had a blog at The Times that was distinct from my column; it was, for the most part, where I put my wonkier, less readable work, often the homework that underlay the regular column. It was, you might say, where I talked to other dismal scientists, although anyone could listen in.When The Times folded the blog into the regular online paper, I retained the ability...

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Biden, Yellen and the War on Leprechauns

In the summer of 2016, Ireland’s Central Statistical Office reported something astonishing: The small nation’s gross domestic product had risen 26 percent in the previous year (a number that would later be revised upward). It would have been an amazing achievement if the growth had actually happened.But it hadn’t, as government officials acknowledged from the beginning. It was, instead, an illusion created by corporate tax games. At the time, I dubbed it “leprechaun economics,” a coinage...

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Bidenomics Is as American as Apple Pie

SectionsSkip to contentSkip to site index House Democrats are hoping to pass President Biden’s infrastructure bill by July 4, because of course they are. The Biden team is making a point of wrapping its economic initiatives firmly in the flag. First came the American Rescue Plan; now we have the American Jobs Plan paid for by the Made in America Tax Plan.And why not? Trumpism was, in part, about the appeal of economic nationalism, so it makes sense to try to snatch away that appeal on...

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Who’s Radical Now? The Case of Minimum Wages

Most Americans, myself included, will be deeply relieved when Joe Biden is finally sworn in as president. But almost everyone has a sense of foreboding, not just because of the specific threat of right-wing terrorism, but also because Biden will take office in a political environment polluted by lies.Most important, of course, is the Big Lie: the claim, based on nothing whatsoever, that the election was stolen. Has there been anything in U.S. history like the demand from leading Republicans...

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