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The left needs to campaign for social liberalism

The continuingexpulsion of the Windrush generation from their home country to a country they hardly know, splitting up families in the process, is just a deliberateact of state cruelty. Why did the government go ahead with these deportations despite sitting on a report suggesting they should stop? Their pretext was that these individuals had at some stage in their lives committed a ‘serious’ crime, yet all had served their time for these offences. This act of cruelty is part of the...

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Can we think about politics from Blair onwards in one chart? and what it means for Blue Labour

This is an experiment. You can judge how successful it is. I am trying it because with this election there has been a lot of talk about a revival in Blue Labour to recapture the Red Wall. The Conservatives have been playing to socially conservative voters since at least William (‘a foreign land’) Hague. So why has the strategy succeeded so well in 2019 when it has had at best modest success before now? We can represent all this in a simple diagram that is now widely used The precise...

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A divided nation

After the Brexit vote, economists and others who voted Remain are quite right to sayI told you so as the economic hit they expected comes to pass. The Brexit Bust needs to be labelled clearly, given the power the Leave side has over the means of communication. (Those behind that campaign are already talkingutter nonsense in order to pretend it had nothing to do with them.) But those who voted Remain also need to understand why they lost. The studies I’m going to focus on here use regressions...

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