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What Is the Nairu and Why Does it Matter?

Author: Ed Dolan  ·  December 19th, 2016  ·   › Share This Print In December 2016, after a year-long pause, the Fed resumed its tightening of monetary policy. As usual, the action took the form of a quarter point increase in the target range for the federal funds rate (a key rate that banks charge  on short-term loans to one another)....

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Marco Rubio Would Leave Economic Policy Rudderless

Author: Ed Dolan  ·  February 18th, 2016  ·   › Share This Print Stabilizing the national economy is one of the federal government’s key responsibilities. Is that too much to ask? OK, then, can we at least ask that the government not make things worse when instability strikes? Not if you’re Marco Rubio. Sooner or later an oil price meltdown, a banking crisis, or a Chinese hard landing is going to threaten our economy with a new recession. If a President Rubio were to have his way, the...

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Toward the Oil-Dollar-Fed Rollercoaster Ride

The fluctuations of the oil prices, the Fed’s policy rate and the U.S. dollar are intertwined. In fall 2015/spring 2016, the Fed’s impending rate hikes will cause substantial turbulence in emerging markets. Until recently, oil prices were recovering. However, after rallying earlier in the year, oil plunged nearly 20 percent in July (and briefly fell below $47 per barrel). In the past, that has often heralded the coming of a bear market. Since oil is a dollar-denominated commodity, the timing...

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