Friday , May 29 2020
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The coming Covid-crisis

Oliver Hartwich, at Newsroom ($), on the consequences of Covid-19 for the Eurozone. This stuff really is Oliver's beat.  To start with a disclaimer, I am not a medical expert. I have no degree in epidemiology, nor can I claim any expertise in public health management.In these difficult times, it is perhaps useful to lay one’s qualifications on the table. There is too much misinformation about the medical aspects of the virus out there. Worse than that, when even the experts contradict each...

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Morning roundup

The week's closing of the browser tabs brings some fun:Supermarkets find consumers nicking the shopping carts when they no longer can get plastic bags. Carrying bags around everywhere just in case you might realise you need to do some shopping might work for some people (and hooray for them!) but not for everyone. I wonder if anybody is tracking how many of the reusable bags are winding up in the tips because nobody needs the dozens of bags that easily accumulate - they're of little use as...

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