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The case of Californian tomatoes

It's a weird way to cite Clemens et al 2018.NZIER's latest report for ProdComm on immigration has a box inset titled "The case of Californian tomatoes." The inset, pasted below, notes the American 'bracero' agreements between the US and Mexico which allowed Mexican manual labourers to work in American fields. The inset goes through a 2010 piece by  Ed Taylor looking at the substitutes that emerged for imported workers, after the end of the restrictions. It notes mechanisation, and describes...

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Otago’s sweet tears

Otago's public health people, perhaps unsurprisingly, didn't like NZIER's take on sugar taxes. They've blogged on it here, but they seem to have missed a few important points. A Report commissioned by the Ministry of Health, written by NZIER, has recently been getting air-time as an argument against taxing sugary drinks.  However, the Report seems to us to be seriously flawed. For example, the Report argues that soft drinks do not impose a negative externality.  A negative externality is...

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NZIER on the foreign buyer ban

Richard Harman's Politik newsletter points to NZIER's rather scathing submission on Labour's proposed ban on overseas buyers. NZIER's submission is here. There are some very good bits.  We understand why this Bill has been introduced. We understand why Treasury has written a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) that contains very little evidence. We too would like it to be easier for first home buyers to get into their own home.But none of these things detracts from the fact that, from an...

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Sugar taxes – NZIER’s advice

Sugar taxes just are not effective in improving health outcomes. When we surveyed the evidence for our report, The Health of the State, we found no compelling reason to think the things would work.NZIER's report for the Ministry of Health reaches the same conclusion.First, some backstory and grousing about document release under OIA.  Back in October, I requested that the Ministry of Health provide me a copy of the report it had commissioned reviewing the effects of sugar taxes.The...

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Higher education, big big numbers

I don't think we can blame the consultants for this one.Normally, big big numbers in economic impact reports are a black mark on the consultancy producing them. They don't come with enough health warnings, and the misleading big big figures draw headlines too easily.Dave Guerin's Ed Insider newsletter (essential reading for anybody following tertiary ed in New Zealand) covers the Universities NZ report, produced by NZIER. He writes: Universities NZ released Regional activity of...

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