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El asalto al Capitolio comenzó a fraguarse hace décadas

Un aspecto sorprendente del putsch (golpe de Estado en alemán) en el Capitolio fue que ninguna de las demandas de los asaltantes estaba afincada en la realidad.No, la elección no fue robada, no hay evidencia de un fraude electoral significativo. No, los demócratas no forman parte de una conspiración pedófila satánica. No, no son marxistas radicales, incluso, en cualquier otra democracia occidental, se consideraría que el ala progresista del partido solo se inclina de manera moderada a la...

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The Ghost of Sabotage Future

The not-a-stimulus deal Congress reached over the weekend — seriously, this is about disaster relief, not boosting the economy — didn’t come a moment too soon. Actually, it came much too late: Crucial aid to many unemployed Americans and businesses expired months ago. But now some of that aid is back, for a while.True, the aid will be less generous than it was in the spring and summer: $300 a week in enhanced unemployment benefits, rather than $600. But because the workers still out of a job...

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Return of the Phony Deficit Hawks

It looks as if Congress will soon pass a much-needed economic relief (not stimulus) bill — something that will help distressed Americans get through the next few months, while we wait for widespread vaccination to set the stage for economic recovery. That’s good news, because something is better than nothing, even though what we know about the legislation says that it’s going to be deeply flawed.But the way this debate has been playing out is ominous for the future. Even some of the good guys...

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Trump Tries to Kill Covid Relief

The next few months will be terrible. Several thousand Americans are now dying from Covid-19 every day; given the lag between cases and deaths, the daily toll will almost certainly rise through the end of this year, and if people are careless over Christmas it could surge even higher in the new year. Economic recovery has stalled, with employment still down almost 10 million from pre-pandemic levels.The most we can hope for at this point are policies that mitigate the suffering, getting us...

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How Will Biden Deal With Republican Sabotage?

When Joe Biden is inaugurated, he will immediately be confronted with an unprecedented challenge — and I don’t mean the pandemic, although Covid-19 will almost surely be killing thousands of Americans every day. I mean, instead, that he’ll be the first modern U.S. president trying to govern in the face of an opposition that refuses to accept his legitimacy. And no, Democrats by and large were not claiming Donald Trump was illegitimate, just that he was incompetent and dangerous.It goes...

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