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Universities After the Pandemic

Universities After the Pandemic May 4, 2020 in education, covid-19, infection On the 3rd of July, 1638, George Garrard  wrote Viscount Wentworth to tell him: The Plague is in Cambridge; no Commencement at either of the Universities this year. On October 2nd of that same year, Cambridge canceled all lectures. Even if history does not repeat (but historians do), one is tempted to look to the past for hints about the future. From the Annals of Cambridge  (compiled by Charles Henry...

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Effects of a Partially Effective Vaccine

Effects of a Partially Effective Vaccine April 10, 2020 in covid-19, economics, infection, networks, vaccine | Tags: covid-19, networks The race to publish COVID-19 related papers is on, and I am already behind. Instead, I will repurpose a paper by Eduard Talamas and myself on networks and infections which is due out in GEB. It is prompted by the following question: if you are given the option to distribute—without cost to you or anyone else—a perfectly safe but only moderately...

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Who Should Quarantine?

Who Should Quarantine? March 11, 2020 in Mechanism design, political economy, economics | Tags: healthcare, infection, public bad, quarantine An agent with an infectious disease confers a negative externality on the rest of the community. If the cost of infection is sufficiently high, they are encouraged and in some cases required to quarantine themselves. Is this the efficient outcome? One might wonder if a Coasian approach would generate it instead. Define a right to walk...

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