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Can Uganda Step Up to New Economic Challenges?

photo: Mark Nelson Leif Rosenberger: Former Professor of Economics, US Army War College & Former Chief Economist at CENTCOM and PACOM Back in the 1970s, Uganda was one of the worst run economies in the world. Uganda suffered through a lost decade when Idi Amin was in power in the 1970s. Thankfully, Uganda’s economic performance dramatically […]

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Are Advanced Economies Ready for Recovery, Really? Or Global Reflation As China Begins Tightening

Until recently, the conventional wisdom was that China’s contribution to global reflation would be increasingly accompanied by those of the US and Europe. Yet, the realities may look grimmer than anticipated. Usually, the term ‘reflation’ is used to describe the first phase of economic recovery after a period of contraction. More recently, ‘global reflation’ has […]

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NAFTA at the Crossroads

The U.S. Senate voted to confirm Robert Lighthizer as United States Trade Representative last week, rounding out President Donald Trump’s cabinet and giving momentum to his trade agenda. At his swearing-in ceremony on May 15, Ambassador Lighthizer predicted that President Trump would permanently reverse “the dangerous trajectory of American trade,” and in turn make “U.S. […]

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Will China Save the World?

The Chinese leader Xi Jinping advocates globalization, which may increasingly aid the long-term development of the world economy. The US president Donald Trump does not serve globalization or even hinders the development of the world economy. Maybe some of his actions will revive the US economy in the short run, but they are harmful to […]

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The Post-Referendum Turkish Economy: How to Write the New Chapter

Turkey has left its constitutional referendum behind, along with the associated political uncertainties. In fact, not only the referendum but also certain earlier developments including the parliamentary elections in 2015 and the failed coup attempt in 2016 caused the country to deal with uncertainties for a considerable period of time. As a result, the governments […]

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The Rise and Fall of America’s New Silk Road Strategy

  photo: Jonathan Kos-Read Introduction On the eve of Beijing’s May 2017 Summit on its New Silk Road strategy and plans, historians may well ask how China was able to turn the tables on America in Eurasia. Just six years ago, Eurasian strategists were bullish on America’s New Silk Road strategy and plans. That perception was […]

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