Wednesday , April 21 2021
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Portfolios for long-term investors

Portfolios for long-term investors is an essay that extends a keynote talk I will give Thursday Jan 21 at the NBER "New Developments in Long-Term Asset Management" zoom conference. The link takes you to my webpage with pdf of the essay and the slides for the talk. I'll blog the next draft of the essay, as I want to do it once and I'm sure I'll get lots of comments. The conference program is here. You can listen to the conference on YouTube here.  I'm on Thursday 12:30 ET, but many...

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Vaccines at NR

I repackaged and rethought some of my earlier thoughts on vaccine allocation and markets vs. government for National Review here. Text here, without the lovely pop-up ads: Free Markets Beat Central Planning, Even for COVID-19 Tests and Vaccines January 12, 2021 Surely, we can’t let there be a free market for COVID-19 tests and vaccines. Indeed, tests and vaccines encapsulate many of the “market failure” parables from introductory economics courses.But the argument for free markets...

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Low Interest Rates and Government Debt

MathJax = { tex: { tags: 'ams' // should be 'ams', 'none', or 'all' } }; This is a talk I gave for IGIER at Bocconi (zoom, sadly) Jan 11 2021. Olivier Blanchard also gave a talk and a good discussion followed. Yes, some content is recycled, but on an important topic one must go back to refine and rethink ideas. This post has mathjax equations and graphs. If you don't see them, come back to the blog or read the pdf version Low Interest Rates and Government Debt John...

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