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A Boom in North Dakota Births? (Dec. 2021 Discussion)

There is nothing like a good conference to stimulate the mind and motivate you, even when that conference is online and 7 hours ahead. That issue aside it was great hearing the discussions about “Pandemic babies” and COVID impacts on births. I am not going to get into that discussion yet, but turn the focus back to pre-COVID and fracking effects. The oil boom in North Dakota was a transformational event. I think very few, if any, dispute that point. The demographic impacts are...

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ND Births, The Early COVID Data

Even before COVID there were concerns about the trajectory of births in the US. It seemed people were having fewer and fewer children, something the various issues surrounding COVID did not deter, at least in terms of the speculation. It is only recently that we acquired data allowing us to see if COVID is changing individual behavior. A little side note here. Many of the speeches and presentations I give are to non-technical audiences and when talking about births you often talk...

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North Dakota Natural Increase

A pivot to the demographic seems in order right now. Labor force, COVID, economic growth, and most other topics I discuss here and on the radio depend on population growth. I say it often, population is the most significant binding constraint on the economy of North Dakota right now. “We need more labor” is a mantra from most business sectors, but we are not getting there without more population. Right now if one business in one location in North Dakota increases employees, it is likely...

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ND Births By County, 2011-16

For those that question the impact of the oil boom, I offer up this post on birth rates. Now the answers are not quite as obvious as you might expect. It is probably important that you recall my earlier post about the net migration by county for North Dakota (found here). The beginning year for our look at birth rates is 2011 where we see the leaders in birth rates are counties with sizable Native American populations. There is, as yet, no boom in the Bakken area, and there is a...

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