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Afternoon roundup

If I'm lucky, this will close a third of the browser tabs.A damning indictment of the state of medical research, in the British Med J, from its former editor. "We have now reached a point where those doing systematic reviews must start by assuming that a study is fraudulent until they can have some evidence to the contrary."Jon Brewer is trying to make the MIQ booking system work. It is deeply broken. I hope he gets somewhere. It needs to be fixed. It is difficult to take a hard line on covid testing results being a few minutes past the deadline when they aren't even bothering to check most folks' records. Chalk this one up as part of the problem in efficient punishment. Even if it weren't the case that the probability of being caught matters more than the fine if caught for otherwise

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , , ,

This could be interesting, too:

John H. Cochrane writes Boosters

Alex Tabarrok writes What’s the Right Dose for Boosters?

Tyler Cowen writes Covid and intertemporal substitution

Alex Tabarrok writes Operation Warp Speed: A Story Yet to be Told

If I'm lucky, this will close a third of the browser tabs.

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