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Afternoon roundup

The browser tabs...The Internet Archive will help improve access to a lot of books currently held by the National Library. Naturally, this upsets some people. Mike Joy wins a battle over what "natural levels" of nitrate in aquifers might mean.Places where the local schools are funded by higher levels of government wind up trying to privatize the public schools through zoning. Everything's tradeoffs though, eh? If schools are funded by the local communities, poor places get really bad schools. It's instead a good argument against even greater anti-NIMBY vigilance.Potential nudges to improve compliance with scanning-in for Covid tracing. I'd add one more: put the QR codes in lots of places. Make it easy. At the entrance is great, but if your phone isn't ready and you'd be holding up a

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , , , , , ,

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Eric Crampton writes Afternoon roundup

The browser tabs...

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