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Afternoon roundup

An overdue closing of the browser tabs brings these worthies:Justin Giovannetti on New Zealand diplomacy and China.The New Zealand Principals Federation suggests merging the teacher colleges into the universities might have something to do with declining teacher competence. I was on faculty at Canterbury when the College of Education merged in in 2006. It never made much sense to me on academic grounds. Teacher training was vocational training. Experts in vocational training, of the kind provided at a College of Education, are not necessarily great fits at a university where research expectations matter more than teaching ability. It seemed likely to result in great teacher trainers being exited in favour of those able to get papers into low-grade education journals.A Wellington taxicab

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , , , ,

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Paul Krugman writes Wonking Out: Economic Nationalism, Biden-Style

Menzie Chinn writes Guest Contribution: “How Tariffs Affect China’s Exports”

Paul Krugman writes Krugman Wonks Out: The China Shock and the Climate Shock

Eric Crampton writes Afternoon roundup

An overdue closing of the browser tabs brings these worthies:

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