Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Morning roundup

Ok. It's down to one Chrome sheet. The worthies!Wokeness as Saddam statues. Great story on how Saddam Hussein might not have even wanted all those statues of him, but lower-level officials would ramp themselves up in demonstrating allegiance. The mechanism does go back a distance; Mark Twain described a similar one back in Connecticut Yankee.Months ago, we'd called for just giving residence to everyone who's been here since the March 2020 lockdown. The government's alternative misses a few who should have received residence, including people who had to flip to short-term visas while here. The Government's big emission plan is more than a little disappointing. Remember how Rod Carr said it wasn't his job to think about whether any of his measures passed any kind of cost-benefit, because

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , ,

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 Ok. It's down to one Chrome sheet. The worthies!

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