Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Morning roundup

The morning's worthies:Dileepa Fonseca still on target on Covid testing. Supply shortages in construction as far as the eye can see (Newsroom, $). All of the Covid messes are running up against a sector that geared up for the amount of construction that had been allowed (not much) and that has to expand as Auckland allows more growth and as the NPS-UD starts kicking in (though there is much yet to do in enabling growth - see the last bullet). Employer vaccine mandates remain a legal mess that needs to be sorted out (Newsroom, $). Can an employer mandate vaccination? "It depends" isn't good enough.Me, in the Stuff papers, on the interim report of the latest local government review. This one's a slow burn: it's got well over a year to go. But they're asking some good questions. I'll be in

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