Saturday , October 31 2020
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Afternoon roundup

The tabs... there are so many of them.A few notes on the closing of the tabs.Tyler Cowen is excellent on herd immunity. Those who urge us not to worry about the virus used to claim that herd immunity would kick in and the virus would burn itself out. Now they tell us not to worry because the death rate has dropped. But herd immunity was supposed to stop case numbers from rising. And even places with lotsa Covid aren't there yet - other than perhaps at San Quenton. Sam Bowman has a neoliberal agenda for the 2020s: YIMBYism, support for immigration, and carbon pricing (he says carbon taxes, but if you've already got an ETS, that'll do the job). Neoliberalism is a bit of a political swear word. Oliver Hartwich goes through the history of the term - the actual neoliberals were more 'third

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , , , , , , ,

This could be interesting, too:

John H. Cochrane writes OECD talk — rebuilding institutions in the wake of Covid-19

Eric Crampton writes The cannabis referendum

Eric Crampton writes Border testing

Jeffrey Frankel writes Will the Coronavirus Spur Action on Climate Change?

The tabs... there are so many of them.

A few notes on the closing of the tabs.

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