Saturday , July 4 2020
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Afternoon roundup

A much belated closing of the browser tabs brings the following worthies:Jenny Ruth goes through advice MBIE commissioned on the RBNZ's capital adequacy proposals of last year. The advice sounds a lot like what we at the Initiative were saying, and for which we were castigated by the RBNZ Governor as having been in the pockets of the Big Banks or some such nonsense. Winston Peters is keen on a more state-by-state approach to a Trans-Tasman bubble. That isn't at all crazy: they have internal quarantine restrictions on mobility across states because of those differences, and some states remain rather risky. But what is absolutely nuts is that they're not opening the border to COVID-free Pacific Islands until they've sorted out the Trans-Tasman deal. There's no reason to link the two. Helen

Eric Crampton considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

[email protected] (Casey B. Mulligan) writes Shoddy Executive Order Bears Fingerprints of Navarro and Krugman

Eric Crampton writes Safe entry matters

Eric Crampton writes Fingers crossed! Dave Guerin on The Border Issue

Eric Crampton writes A principled border re-opening

A much belated closing of the browser tabs brings the following worthies:

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