Saturday , June 12 2021
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Morning roundup

The browser tabs... there are so many. Auckland University's Prof Tim Dare argues for a better contact tracing app. I use the Rippl app whenever I find a QR that it can handle, and I keep Google Location tracking on all the time, hoping that both would make things easier if it ever were necessary. I had, early on, installed MIT's app that logged bluetooth contact with other folks running the app, but nobody in NZ runs it so it's a bit useless. The government always finds reasons not to do things that would work. The MIT app seemed fine to me, but presumably the data goes back to their head offices, and the government seems more worried about rights violations when data goes overseas than about the rights violations involved in lockdowns prevented by using those kinds of apps. The

Eric Crampton considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Menzie Chinn writes How Much of US Federal Debt Is Held by Foreign/International Investors

[email protected] (Cyril Morong) writes Life is full of tradeoffs, the case of federal renters assistance

Menzie Chinn writes One Year Ahead Expected CPI Inflation Rates

John H. Cochrane writes Whither the Fed

The browser tabs... there are so many. 

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