Wednesday , January 29 2020
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Afternoon roundup

The worthies on a much-belated closing of the browser tabs:Zero waste protesters have been sending their rubbish to MPs using Parliament's Freepost service. Could the rest of us do the same if central government waste disposal levies make using landfill a bit more expensive than it really ought to be? Nice piece in The Atlantic on Article 25 of the Constitution, which allows for the removal of a President medically unfit for office. Trump's speech in which he talked about building a wall in Colorado hasn't seemed sufficient evidence of his madness for anyone to do anything about it as yet though.  Manhole always sounded a bit iffy anyway.  More evidence that flavoured e-cigarettes don't encourage youth uptake and that there's no youth nicotine epidemic in America. I hate that moral panics

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The worthies on a much-belated closing of the browser tabs:

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