Wednesday , September 23 2020
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Morning Roundup

The closing of a big set of browser tabs brings a few gems.Rohan Pearce at Computerworld notes a warning from the Law Council of Australia that Oz's encryption law breaks a few international privacy standards, and could then come into conflict with GDPR.  Jacob Sullum at Reason goes through some shonky anti-vaping research that claims vaping causes heart attacks, but that ignores that the heart attacks happened before the smokers switched to vaping. Shoeshine over at the NBR warns that woke investment strategies do not always pay off. I particularly wonder about NZX here. NZX's report on Corporate Social Responsibility suggests that boards with stronger gender diversity show higher returns - but the academic literature says there is no effect. And there's now a Kiwisaver Fund that makes

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , , , ,

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The closing of a big set of browser tabs brings a few gems.

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