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Morning roundup

This morning's worthies:Michael Reddell in defence of capital charges and higher public sector discount rates. Bottom line: you will have nonsense if public sector entities don't have to account for their costs of capital.  Construction and Corruption: the game. Based on Montreal's construction sector.  Each player is a Construction boss, responsible for a Construction contract on each turn. If you do not finish your contract, you keep it, and get paid again the turn after.The incentive is to keep your work unfinished as long as possible. Bosses can send their workers to opposing players’ sites, and finish their work instead. Thus the dynamic of the game is ‘screw your neighbour,’ with the added element that players’ cash totals are secret. Each turn also holds an election for mayor, who

Eric Crampton considers the following as important: , , , , ,

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This morning's worthies:

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