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Links (5/3/19)

Spring 2019 Journal of Economic Perspectives Available Online - Tim Taylor The Economy We Need - Joseph E. Stiglitz Leave the Renminbi Out of US-China Trade Talks - Kenneth Rogoff The Zombie Style in American Politics - Paul Krugman U.S. Consumers Have Borne the Brunt of the Current Trade War - NBER Digest How climate change affects economies around the world - University of Chicago News The Price of Everything, the Value of the Economy: A Clark Medal for Emi Nakamura! - A Fine Theorem The effects of trade policy might be more diverse than most economists think - VoxEU Rising income inequality exacerbates downward economic mobility - Equitable Growth Can the Fed Control Overnight Rates? - Stephen Williamson Fiat Bling - Nick Rowe Theorizing about organizations - Understanding

Mark Thoma considers the following as important: ,

This could be interesting, too:

Tyler Cowen writes Foreign exchange and correspondent banking bleg

Tyler Cowen writes What is the America-China trade war all about?

Alex Tabarrok writes India’s Tallest Building Cut Down To Size

Mark Thoma writes Links (7/15/19)

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