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Links (4/5/19)

Donald Trump Is Trying to Kill You - Paul Krugman “Economics Now Points Away From the Laissez-Faire Approach” - ProMarket Ten Years Later: Reflections on the 2008–09 Financial Crisis - Larry Summers Examining an MMT model in detail - Noahpinion Why rent matters - Stumbling and Mumbling Moving Macroeconomic Analysis beyond Business Cycles - FRB Richmond Local fiscal multipliers and spillovers in the US - VoxEU Inequality of opportunity, income inequality, and economic growth - VoxEU Opinion | Republican Health Care Lying Syndrome - Paul Krugman Greenspan and Wooldridge Argue the Embrace of Capitalism Is the Key... - Brad DeLong How do American families spend food benefits? - Microeconomic Insights Fair, comprehensive tax reform is the right path forward - Larry Summers A

Mark Thoma considers the following as important: ,

This could be interesting, too:

Alex Tabarrok writes The Economist covers Why Are the Prices So D*mn High?

Tyler Cowen writes Is the generalist returning?

Tyler Cowen writes Why aren’t remote interviews as useful as face-to-face interactions?

Mark Thoma writes Links (6/23/19)

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