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Links (3/4/19)

The “Biggest Puzzle in Economics”: Why the “Superstar Economy” Lacks Any Actual Superstars - ProMarket Trade war results in substantial losses for US and other countries - EurekAlert Trump, Trade and the Advantage of Autocrats - Paul Krugman How Goes the Trade War? - Paul Krugman Coping with volatile labor markets - FRB Minneapolis Modeling Financial Crises - FRBSF The long expansion continues - Econbrowser Modern Monetary Nonsense - Kenneth Rogoff MMT streetfighting - interfluidity Three levels of controversy over MMT - interfluidity Running on MMT (Wonkish) - Paul Krugman When the Interests of Monopolists and Authoritarians Coalesce - ProMarket There are many unemployment rates for any r* - Roger E. A. Farmer The 1% vs the 0.1% - Stumbling and Mumbling Socialism and the

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Mark Thoma writes Links (3/24/19)

Tyler Cowen writes The best sentence I read today

Tyler Cowen writes Why is there so much suspicion of big business?

Tyler Cowen writes The economic ecology of Jews as a rural service minority

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Mark Allen Thoma (born December 15, 1956) is a macroeconomist and econometrician and a Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Oregon. Thoma is best known as a regular columnist for The Fiscal Times through his blog "Economist's View", which Paul Krugman called "the best place by far to keep up with the latest in economic discourse", and as an analyst at CBS MoneyWatch. He is also a regular contributor to EconoMonitor.

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