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Links (3/15/19)

Don’t Blame Robots for Low Wages - Paul Krugman The Fed Should Buy Recession Insurance - J. Bradford DeLong You Never Know When a Recession Will Sneak Up on You - Austan Goolsbee Some Peculiarities of Labor Markets: Is Antitrust an Answer? - Tim Taylor China’s Still-Too-High Savings Makes China 2025 a Bigger Global Risk - Brad Setser The Dangerous Absurdity of America’s Trade Wars - Jeffrey D. Sachs The incentives of centralized school admissions systems - Microeconomic Insights The Chicago Booth Survey on MMT - MacroMania Forecasting After an Inverse Hyperbolic Sine Transformation - Dave Giles What’s Wrong with Contemporary Capitalism? - Angus Deaton Modern Monetary Theory - IGM Forum

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Mark Thoma writes Links (6/14/19)

Tyler Cowen writes It would be a mistake to split up Facebook

David writes North Dakota Unemployment Rate, April 2019

Alex Tabarrok writes SlateStarCodex and Caplan on ‘Why Are the Prices So D*mn High?’

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