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Links (1/24/19)

Grad students across country criticize econ departments’ culture - Yale Daily News Stealing from the Poor and Giving to the Rich in the Workplace - Regulatory Review Completing physics Ph.D. does not stem from scoring high on GRE - EurekAlert How Political Campaigns Can Easily Manipulate Public Attitudes Toward Public Policy - ProMarket Friedman and Schwartz, Eichengreen and Temin, Hawtrey and Cassel - Uneasy Money An Independent Fed Isn’t ‘Loco,’ It’s Effective - WSJ The key arguments for high top rates of income tax are political as well as pecuniary - mainly macro Repugnant markets spur thinking about how to engineer complex systems - Stanford Humanities and Sciences The Three Revolutions Economics Needs - Edmund S. Phelps Davos Elites Love to Advocate for Equality - So Long

Mark Thoma considers the following as important: ,

This could be interesting, too:

Alex Tabarrok writes Reducing Discrimination with More Information

Tyler Cowen writes *VC: An American History*, by Tom Nicholas

Tyler Cowen writes What will Singapore do with its NIRC?

Bradford DeLong writes Still Haunted by the Shadow of the Greater Recession…

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