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Links (2/6/19)

There They Go Again (And Now They’re Back!) - Uneasy Money No trade deal can dictate our relationship with China - Larry Summers The Empty Quarters of U.S. Politics - Paul Krugman The deep roots of development - Growth Economics Large Excess Reserves and the Relationship between Money and Prices - FRB Richmond Some Puzzles About Asset Returns in the Long Run - Tim Taylor Where Are Manufacturing Jobs Coming Back? - Liberty Street Economics The role of trade in adaptation to climate change - VoxEU There Are Better Ways To Tax The Rich Than A Wealth Tax Or A 70 Percent Top Rate - Tax Policy Center Misinterpreting Tests, P-Values, Confidence Intervals & Power - Dave Giles Why Did Simon Kuznets Want to Leave Military Spending out of GDP? - Tim Taylor Obstacles to full employment -

Mark Thoma considers the following as important: ,

This could be interesting, too:

Tyler Cowen writes Chinese chieftain of the day

Tyler Cowen writes Robert Wenzel reviews *Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero*

Alex Tabarrok writes Firefighting: A Plea for Discretion

Tyler Cowen writes Frank Lichtenberg and the cost of saving lives through pharmaceuticals

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