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Links (2/11/19)

The Empty Quarters of U.S. Politics - Paul Krugman A Rant on Trump, Trade, and China... - Brad DeLong Olivier Blanchard on the Benefits and Costs of Public Debt - PIIE No trade deal can dictate our relationship with China - Larry Summers The Good Jobs Challenge - Dani Rodrik Debt Derangement Syndrome - J. Bradford DeLong The costs of public sector patronage - Microeconomic Insights The U.S. Dollar’s Global Roles: Where Do Things Stand? - Liberty Street Common Ownership: Back to Basics - Cecchetti & Schoenholtz An Interview with Deidre McCloskey – The Politic The Nationalist Revival: Identify and Reclaim - Economic Principals Reining in shadow banking - VoxEU Causes of stagnation - Stumbling and Mumbling Large Excess Reserves and the Relationship between Money and Prices - FRB

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This could be interesting, too:

Alex Tabarrok writes The Economist covers Why Are the Prices So D*mn High?

Tyler Cowen writes Is the generalist returning?

Tyler Cowen writes Why aren’t remote interviews as useful as face-to-face interactions?

Mark Thoma writes Links (6/23/19)

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