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Links (2/15/19)

Inflation: Stress-Testing the Phillips Curve - FRBSF Donald and the Deflationists - Paul Krugman The friendly extortioner takes it all - EurekAlert Economics After Neoliberalism - Naidu, Rodrik, Zucman Economics for Inclusive Prosperity (EfIP) - Dani Rodrik Democrats, Debt and Double Standards - Paul Krugman How Can We Tax Footloose Multinationals? - Joseph E. Stiglitz Fiscal and Welfare Costs in a Time of Low Interest Rates - Olivier Blanchard How Much Does Heterodoxy Help Progressives? (Wonkish) - Paul Krugman What’s Wrong With Functional Finance? (Wonkish) - Paul Krugman Trends in Hispanic Labor Force Participation - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta How do firms grow as they age? – Bank Underground What is a ‘policy hack’? - The Mandarin Economics of Medieval Guilds - Tim

Mark Thoma considers the following as important: ,

This could be interesting, too:

Tyler Cowen writes Zimbabwean passport seigniorage is the best kind of Zimbabwean seigniorage

Tyler Cowen writes Neglected Open Questions in the Economics of Artificial Intelligence

Mark Thoma writes Links (6/14/19)

Mark Thoma writes Links (6/14/19)

Mark Thoma
Mark Allen Thoma (born December 15, 1956) is a macroeconomist and econometrician and a Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics of the University of Oregon. Thoma is best known as a regular columnist for The Fiscal Times through his blog "Economist's View", which Paul Krugman called "the best place by far to keep up with the latest in economic discourse", and as an analyst at CBS MoneyWatch. He is also a regular contributor to EconoMonitor.

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