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Links (10/11/18)

The Paranoid Style in G.O.P. Politics - Paul Krugman How we create and destroy growth: The 2018 Nobel laureates - VoxEU People vs. Money in America’s Midterm Elections - Joseph E. Stiglitz Driving across the US gave me a different perspective on the economy - Larry Summers Development and Security - Brad DeLong The Dollar and its Discontents - Barry Eichengreen Fed Is Intent on Raising Rates Even If Economy Sours - Tim Duy What Happens When Regulatory Capital Is Marked to Market? - Liberty Street Why Do Banks Target ROE? - Liberty Street Economics Adam Smith's two economies - Stumbling and Mumbling Trump Puts Supply-Side Economics to Its Final Test - Bloomberg Inequality in and across Cities - Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond The Nobel Committee Honors the Economics of

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This could be interesting, too:

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