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Links (12/17/18)

Couple of links: Demography, unemployment, and automation - VoxEU Market Power or Just Scale Economies? - ProMarket Neoliberalism as Structure and Ideology - EconoSpeak How the Press Covered the Panic of 2008 - Economic Principals How low is low for Chinese GDP growth? ~ Antonio Fatas Micro-responses to shocks: Pricing, promotion, and entry - VoxEU The evolving scope and content of central bank speeches - VoxEU DeLong's Principles Of Neoliberalism - Brad DeLong Rah Rah Economics - EconoSpeak Language as a self-regulating system - Language Log Credit booms and information depletion - VoxEU Manhood, Moola, McConnell and Trumpism - Paul Krugman The Rise of Knowledge Economics - Scientific American How Close is the Fed to a Corridor System? - David Beckworth In conversation

Mark Thoma considers the following as important: ,

This could be interesting, too:

Tyler Cowen writes A carbon tax in a Hotelling model

Alex Tabarrok writes Air Pollution Kills

Tyler Cowen writes From the comments, what if big business hated your family?

Tyler Cowen writes Inventor CEOs

Couple of links:

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