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The Worshipful Company of Stoners

Trudging through a dank and deserted Square Mile this week, turning the corner at Old Broad Street onto Throgmorton Street, an Alphaville regular came across this . . .  Those are plastic pots for holding plants. Pot plants. Weed.This is the subterranean site of the long-closed, but Grade 1-listed, Throgmorton Bars and Restaurant, that included The Long Room — gossip-central for stock market traders until the closure of the London Stock Exchange floor in the late 80s.It was the inspiration for Alphaville’s own Long Room forum.Thorgmortons sits deep underground, beneath the Worshipful Company of Drapers, who have been there since 1543, when the livery hall purchased the London mansion of Thomas Cromwell from King Henry VIII. Cromwell had lost his head three years

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Trudging through a dank and deserted Square Mile this week, turning the...

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