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Twitter Spaces on the natgas crisis

Commodities updatesSign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about Commodities news. Are high prices really the best cure for high prices?Will the markets save us from a winter of discontent?To help figure out the answers, we will be joined this Friday at 10am UK time (a slight change from our usual slot) by Professor Craig Pirrong, an academic and specialist in commodity pricing and markets from the University of Houston.To take part in the chat click here. Or follow @izakaminska, @ajbpowell or @senojerialc. And if you have any questions, do raise your virtual hands so that we can bring you in. (Though, as delightful as everyone’s background noises are these days, do keep yourself on mute until you are invited to speak.) One more reminder: Spaces only works in

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Commodities updates

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