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Another Tory shoots for crypto glory

You might remember that back in those carefree days of autumn 2018 — when we all still worked within spitting distance from other humans; when Boris Johnson was a backbench Tory MP and Dom Cummings just a glint in his eye — we initiated a series called “What’s the Tory crypto story?”. Why? Well, a number of Tory parliamentarians — Grant “Michael Green” Shapps, Baroness “cryptocurrency expert” Mone, and Eddie “a blockchain for Bloxwich” Hughes, to name but a few — had got decidedly excited about the potential of the distributed technicolour dream-ledger and the wondrous strings of 1s and 0s that run on it (which some call “cryptocurrencies”).With Mone’s “EQUI” project having flopped pretty spectacularly, Shapps deciding to quit the ICO he was “advising” as soon as we found

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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You might remember that back in those carefree days of autumn 2018 — when we...

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