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Tesla’s stellar earnings fail to enchant investors

US & Canadian companies updatesSign up to myFT Daily Digest to be the first to know about US & Canadian companies news. Whenever Tesla’s earnings deck for the quarter lands, FT Alphaville has a little trick: we pull up the PDF and hit ctrl + F and type in a few choice words to see what accounting chicanery the company has been up to over the three months to make its numbers. For, while it’s arguably true that Wall Street is too focused on short-term financials (as Tesla’s shareholders often allege), it’s also true that there are few companies so myopic about hitting estimates as Elon Musk’s 4bn electric car company.This quarter, however, FT Alphaville’s inspection drew a blank. In fact, the financials were remarkably clean. There were no bitcoin sales to boost the

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US & Canadian companies updates

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