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Tesla and the obscure earnings JPEG

Under the lights of Tesla’s Big Top, you’re never quite sure what sort of show you’re going to get.But luckily for us, ringmaster Elon Musk brought along the whole circus on Monday night. There was the 4m of operating income that was exclusively down to Tesla selling 1m of bitcoin and 8m of pure-profit regulatory credits. And, of course, there was the mumbly conference call in which Musk attacked the media, waffled about Tesla’s autonomous tech, and delayed several of its key catalysts to 2022.Those details, however, have been covered elsewhere by the likes of these pink pages, Bloomberg’s Liam Denning and the WSJ’s Charley Grant. In FT Alphaville’s humble opinion, they’re all worth a read.But there was another oddity less discussed: a weird formatting quirk in

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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Under the lights of Tesla’s Big Top, you’re never quite sure what sort of...

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