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The Spectator joins the inflation doom-mongers

A lively and very reasonable debate is currently taking place over whether the US’s .9tn fiscal package is so big that it’ll trigger spiralling inflation. Less reasonable, however, is the spin given on said debate in this clip from the UK’s conservative-leaning weekly The Spectator, featuring Andrew Neil, the magazine’s chair, and Kate Andrews, its economics correspondent. The video follows Wednesday’s “spend now, tax later” Budget, in which the chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that, while government spending spending will remain high for now, higher taxes will follow in the coming years. Neil and Andrews claim that what Swishy Rishi was doing with this Budget was “trying to protect from what Joe Biden might do to the UK economy”. Hmm . . . The full version of The

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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A lively and very reasonable debate

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