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Solutions 30: suspended in animation

At the crack of dawn on Monday morning, FT Alphaville stared in disbelief at what had just crossed the French wires.Solutions 30, a €1.1bn Luxembourger man-in-a-van telecoms and energy outsourcer listed in France, had asked Euronext Paris to suspend its shares “until further communication is released”. Four trading days later, the equity remains frozen at €10.38.So what on earth is going on?Well, as you might recall from our coverage in December and what’s happened since, the outsourcer, which counts European corporate heavyweights such as EDF, Orange and Unitymedia among its customers, has suffered a torrid six months. On December 9, news of an anonymous short-seller report on the company hit the French press. Two days later, the shares were temporarily suspended after

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At the crack of dawn on Monday morning, FT Alphaville stared in disbelief at...

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