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Newt Gingrich pivots to bitcoin

The last time you heard of Newt Gingrich was probably when the former Speaker of the US House of Representatives was calling for the arrest of poll workers in his home state of Pennsylvania following the “corrupt, stolen election” of 2020, or when he was writing op-eds refusing to acknowledge Joe Biden as president.Or maybe it was way back during his unsuccessful bid to become the Republicans’ presidential candidate in 2012. When he spent time telling supporters in Barack Obama’s home state that “we need an American president . . . with American values” and defending the Birther movement (all while his campaign was busy racking up debts of .6m that still, nine years later, haven’t been paid back).Well, guess what, Newt’s back, baby. And where do unsuccessful Republican

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The last time you heard of Newt Gingrich was probably when the former Speaker of the US...

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