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MicroStrategy triples down on bitcoin

We have been forced to write about MicroStrategy and its yachtophile CEO Michael Saylor a few times lately. For those not in the know, that’s the company that decided to invest billions of Federal Reserve-backed strings of 1s and 0s into bro-backed strings of 1s and 0s, and turn its equity into a HODL proxy. You might recall our GigaChad was part of this recent dramatic and monochromatic call to arms alongside bitcoin televangelist Max Keiser, which we still can’t quite shake and so feel compelled to post again: Last Monday, we brought you the news that the software company-turned crypto hoarder had announced it was raising 0m of senior secured debt to add to its stash of 92,079 bitcoins (about .7bn at this particular nanosecond’s prices). The

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We have been forced to write about MicroStrategy and its yachtophile CEO...

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