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Lessons for Democrats from the Lincoln Project

FT subscribers can click here to receive Swamp Notes by email.Greetings from Utah, where I am subbing for Rana this week to write Swamp Notes, while on a spring break holiday (as readers might have guessed from the analogies in my last column, I am a passionate back-country skier; hence my concern about the stability of snowpacks.) Away from my skis, I have also been chatting this week with people linked to the Utah-based Lincoln Project, the controversial campaign and data group that was created in 2019 by some disaffected Republicans to fight Donald Trump and (subsequently) QAnon.As Beltway-watchers know, the Lincoln Project attracted attention last summer and autumn because it launched eye-catching anti-Trump messaging that was often more effective than anything

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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