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Italy’s ill-fated dalliance with techno-democracy

Ben Munster is a freelance journalist covering the dubious dual beat of blockchain and Italian politics. He has written for The New Yorker, Esquire and Private Eye, and is the semi-regular author of the Zero Knowledge column at Decrypt, a crypto news site. (One of the good ones, he swears!) He lives in Rome.In local elections over the past few weeks, Italy’s once mighty Five Star Movement has suffered a series of catastrophic defeats, resulting in widespread declarations that Italian populism is not long for this world. Against a resurgent centre-left, Five Star’s base collapsed, and it lost the mayorship of two key cities: Rome and Turin. Still in government by a taut thread, the party — or the Movement, as its adherents prefer to call it — faces only the indignity of another

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Ben Munster is a freelance journalist covering the dubious dual beat of blockchain...

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