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Person of Interest 2021: The Longlist

His backing of GB News demonstrated that £10m is enough to buy almost anything in British politics except an audience for Andrew Neil.[‘Start-ups are fun! Well, usually ...’ — FT] Diamond-handed insolvetech sibyl whose bold predictions have included, “the stocks I bought will go up” and “the stocks I bought that are going down will also in the future go up.”[Stonk market update — FT Alphaville] EY’s hit on Paglibeppio's man-in-a-van roll up probably left its much discussed Mediterranean and Eastern European partners choking on their gabagool.[Solutions 30: from Romania to Mauritius, with love — FT Alphaville] The most enthusiastic promoter of interdependent affairs to be exported by Canada since Ashley Madison.[Alphawave: the ARM wannabe’s curiously close contracts — FT

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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