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The IMF needs an ombudsman with clout

This is a guest post by Daniel Bradlow, the SARCHI professor of international development law and African economic relations at the University of Pretoria, arguing that the IMF needs to appoint an official ombudsman to help it navigate its reputational issues. An independently commissioned inquiry has alleged that IMF managing director, Kristalina Georgieva, may have put pressure on subordinates to favour China in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report during a previous role at the institution. Georgieva has stated that she disagrees “fundamentally with the findings and interpretations” of the report. The IMF Board has stated that it has been briefed by its Ethics Committee and has had an exchange of views on the matter. It has also met with the authors of the inquiry.The

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This is a guest post by Daniel Bradlow, the SARCHI professor of international...

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