Thursday , September 23 2021
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Thursday, -- The new age of American power.-- Another failed presidency at hand. (New York Times, $)-- The Trump Trump suburban squirm.-- El Salvador’s big bitcoin bet is backfiring in the bond market. (Bloomberg, $)-- El Salvador forced through its bitcoin law by any means necessary.-- The REIT-trading Fed official. (Bloomberg, $)-- Credit Suisse and Ai Weiwei.-- Starmer and the Speaker struggling for the same reasons. -- A special place in hell.-- Magical thinking. (Washington Post, $)-- How 9/11 created the surveillance state.-- Where the Romans funny?

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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Tyler Cowen writes Wednesday assorted links

Tyler Cowen writes My Conversation with Amia Srinivasan

Equitable Growth writes Equitable Growth welcomes two new Dissertation Scholars for 2021–22 academic year

Robert Lynch writes A cost-benefit analysis of The American Families Plan’s proposed investment in a nationwide public preschool program

Elsewhere on Thursday,

-- The new age of

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