Saturday , March 6 2021
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Thursday, -- Elon Musk loves China, and China loves him back. -- “The Line”. -- Magic internet money.-- Lagarde blasts bitcoin.-- “Very busy organising the local Nativity trail”.-- The most concentrated market in 40 years.-- UK in scope of EU tax blacklist.-- Fishy delays.-- Flying cars are comin’. -- “Uncle Roger”.-- Airbnb blocks inauguration bookings.-- Man City accused of creating a “fake” job. -- The Chinese and the Greeks.

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

John H. Cochrane writes GoodFellows interview with Ayaan Hrsi Ali

Martin Chorzempa, Tianlei Huang writes Lessons from East Asia and Pacific on taming the pandemic

Global Economic Intersection Analysis Blog Feed writes Radically Progressive Degrowth: Reducing Resource Use By Eliminating Inequality

John H. Cochrane writes What about work or starve?

Elsewhere on Thursday,

-- Elon Musk loves China, and...

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